January Reset - Week 4

There is a new kid on the block and she sure is pretty!!

I couldn't be more excited to round out my January Reset series with information about the new Premium Starter Kit that is now available.  I've talked about this on my Instagram and Facebook, but here are the wonderful details you NEED to know!

The brand new Premium Starter Kit comes with 5ml bottles of:

-Valor -Peace&Calming


-Panaway -Raven

-DiGize-Stress Away

-Frankincense -Citrus Fresh

-Thieves -Lavender


The Starter Kit has everything you need to begin your 

journey.  All the oils listed above plus a few fun things for you to try, like the Thieves cleaner and Ningxia Red, which I love and have been subbing out my afternoon coffee for.  I also want to highlight these special new additions to the kit.

+ VALOR: emotional support powerhouse, this may be your new best friend! Roll this beauty on throughout your day when you need to take a moment to reset.  

+ PEACE & CALMING: The name literally says it all!  This oil encourages deep relaxation, provides great support in your bedtime routines, it's uplifting and can help quiet the mind.  Any one else lay in bed at night racing through the days undone to do's?  This is the perfect oil to provide All. The. Calm!

The value speaks for itself.  This diffuser is beautiful and the additions of Valor + Peace & Calming are enough to make me want to order another starter kit.  Umm, and yes, I could if I wanted to!  This is available to new and existing members.  What a terrific way to bring another diffuser into your home and build your oil toolkit!

I can't wait to share all the resources available to help you get started and learn more about your new kit.  If you are interested reach out to me through this post or on Instagram/Facebook @alexis.barreista to learn more and if you mention this blog post you'll get a free gift!