My Plant Based Life - Part 1

I’ve been slowly moving toward a plant based life for a while now. A slow gradual shift in my nutrition led me here. Since it is good for my body, yes please, and the environment, it is a win-win for me.

Truth be told though, I’m still learning so much! There are some great Instagram accounts that have opened my eyes to amazing new ways to eat plant based. I wrote about one of my favorite bloggers here.

Since this feels like such a big topic to me and encompasses more than just food, I’ll be sharing more in future posts.

For today I want to share with you a few of my favorite meals both at home and that I seek out when I travel. It really comes down to smoothies and veggies! Thankfully I’ve always loved my vegetables, however my eyes, mouth and tummy have been opened to so many more options than I ever really considered before. When it’s the main dish for most meals you start to explore.

Going dairy free was one of the first moves I made and once I switched to Almond Milk and gave up other dairy I never looked back. My digestive system and skin improved. It is one of the best nutritional decisions I’ve ever made!

My Favorite Almond Milk Au Lait from Valentine Coffee in Oak Creek, WI!

My Favorite Almond Milk Au Lait from Valentine Coffee in Oak Creek, WI!

I love making bowls at home for lunch and dinner. I’ll mix up a salad or big bowl of veggies with whatever I have on hand. This is one of my faves, Greek Quinoa Bowl.


Smoothie bowls are LIFE! I have eaten this same exact smoothie once and sometimes twice a day for two years. My husband gets upset with me when I lick every inch of the blender, because I’m that obsessed. I realize that is gross, but seriously I want all the smoothie goodness.

Vanilla Blueberry with PB Smoothie

Vanilla Blueberry with PB Smoothie

I also try to eat out of the biggest bowl I can find. YUM


On the road…I could really do an entire blog just on the way I seek out food choices when I travel. I’m always concerned about where I can get the best coffee and smoothie. Last year when my hubs and I were in Naples, FL for our anniversary I was in smoothie bowl heaven! There were so many places to choose from, so rather than pick one we tried them all! We would share these fresh smoothie bowls and juices every day and I was ready to send for the dogs and stay.


This mouth watering plate of veggies is from a cute little restaurant in Brooklyn that I can’t remember the name of but would 1000 percent know exactly how to find when I go back. Sadly I had to share this plate with my husband. LOL


I’ll leave you drooling over these dishes and I will be sharing more in future posts so stay tuned!

If there is something you’d really like to see or hear more about leave a comment here.