Oil Highlight - Thieves

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Where do I even begin?! Thieves is all. the. things!

Thieves is often times a starter oil for many. It's a powerhouse blend that kills 96% of airborne germs. There are endless ways to use it and Young Living has an amazing line of Thieves products that make cleaning a breeze, plus it’s non toxic which I love.

I diffuse it, apply it to my feet and chest with a roller ball and take it internally. If you think you are on the verge of any kind of illness run for the Thieves! Research shows that essential oils are proven to have serious powers over bad germs in our bodies and homes. I’ll take that!

Photos: @goldendropsociety

Photos: @goldendropsociety

Thieves Vitality Oil is in Young Living cough drops and in the Inner Defense supplement. The oils in this awesome powerful blend are up for the task of tackling the ugliest of bacteria.

For my non toxic clean freaks, you can actually get started with a Thieves Premium Starter Kit! For $160, which comes with all the essentials you need to ditch and switch to clean products in your home.

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How do you use Thieves?