Oil Highlight - Stress Away


Stress Away

Beach in a Bottle

One deep inhale of this oil and I was transported! This delicious blend combines Lime, Vanilla, and other oils for what I like to call “Beach in a Bottle”. When I first got my starter kit I immediately put a roller on top of this oil and started using it immediately! I loved the smell.


This quickly became a go-to oil for me and now I never leave home without one in my travel oil bag. In addition to using it as a roller there are so many good recipes that call for Stress Away.

With all of my travel this oil and Orb Diffuser combo are the perfect traveling companions.

Since the starter kit comes with a roller ball, now two of them, I was able to pop it on and start using right away.

With the roller ball on top it makes it easy to roll on my wrists and neck to keep all my good vibes flowing.

It’s a great addition to a linen spray or in a Epsom salt bath, not to mention countless diffuser blends

It bears repeating that this oil comes in your Premium Starter Kit! Umm, yes please!

Do you use Stress Away? Love it? Tell me!! If you haven’t decided to jump on this non toxic wellness train I would love to know what is holding you back? If you are ready to jump in right now, let’s go!