Oil Highlight - Breathe Again


Breathe Again

Respiratory Support

We are big fans of this powerful roller in our home. The Breathe Again roller is pre-diluted and the perfect friend to support your respiratory system. You can roll this on your chest and throat when you need to breathe easier.

Changing seasons, a tough workout or sleep support are all reasons to turn to Breathe Again.

Breathe Again is a blend of four different types of eucalyptus, which have the ability to help relax airways, peppermint, copaiba, myrtle, blue cypress and laurus nobilis.

I ordered this roller immediately after my Premium Starter Kit because my husband needed some respiratory support and I wanted to find something that might be an alternative to his inhaler. Well friends, we don’t let this one run out and I always have it on hand for him.

A few other oils that are great for respiratory support include R.C., Raven and SniffleEase for the kiddos!