Week-End Vibes

A collective T.G.I.F. is in order today. I’m so happy the weekend is here! In celebration of the weekend I’m recapping my favorite parts of the week and what I’m most excited about for this weekend.


Healium Hot Yoga  - Fave Spot in Studio

Healium Hot Yoga - Fave Spot in Studio


My morning barre class is always a highlight of my week. It’s such a motivating way to start my week and all my #barrebesties bring wonderful energy into the studio. Whenever possible I head to yoga on Monday nights. I much prefer morning workouts, but for this class I make an exception. It’s with one of my favorite instructors, plus my husband and I go together when we can, so it’s a nice way to spend time together.





Ran into these two on my morning walk with the dogs!


I spent my morning having coffee and conversation with a dear friend. I feel so grateful for a friendship that allows me to be myself and talk freely without judgement and know that it’s a safe place to be completely me. Should we even have friends we can’t be this way? Hmmm, good question!


I taught what might be my favorite class of the week, although I don’t like to play faves. I just love the bright and early 6AM classes so much and with the sun coming up during class it feels magical in a way.

What’s on Tap

I’m heading to a noon yoga class today that I’m really excited for since I haven’t been able to make it to this particular class in a while and it is a favorite of mine.

Friday nights I teach a cardio barre class and since it’s the last Friday of the month we have a happy hour after class which is always a good time.

I’m most excited for tomorrow. I’m hosting a Barreista Meet Up at Healium Hot Yoga followed by coffee. I am really looking forward to getting together with some ladies I haven’t seen in a while but even more than that some of these women have never taken hot yoga before and they don’t all know each other. Bringing people together and sharing things I love makes my heart soar! If you are interested in joining us there is still time!

This weekend is also very special because I’ll be releasing details about the first Barreista Be Well Retreat to all my subscribers.

So are you signed up?? Don’t you want to be the first to know?


Tell me, what are you doing this weekend? Besides subscribing to Barreista Be Well. ; )