Oil Highlight - Hey, May!

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Hey, May!

What’s Blooming This Month

It sounds so cliche to say time is flying, but it is! I cannot believe it’s already May 1st. The last few weeks have been so exciting. There is so much happening on all fronts of life. The first of a month is always so exciting to me because Young Living releases their monthly promotions. They are always good, but I’m especially in love with this months promos! Here’s what they are:


Peppermint, Spearmint, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils, along with our popular Thieves blend, give this toothpaste a sweet spicy-mint flavor and freshen breath—all without synthetic dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

With AromaBright you can ditch the ingredients in drug store toothpastes you don’t want and keep all the results you do: a deep clean, bright teeth, and fresh breath!


All. The. Things. Seriously though, this oil is amazing. The Young Living Lavender not only smells amazing, but it’s uses are endless and all wonderful. I use it in my Glow Serum, my Eye Serum, diffuse for sleep and calm. I really can’t say enough about this one and when you try it you’ll know why!


Patchouli is wonderful for your skin and you know I’m all about my Young Living essential oil skin care routine. You can add a drop to your moisturizer at night and watch it work wonders on those fine lines. Patchouli also offers great sleep support and emotional support, so all that being said, it’s a must!



Where are my Anthropolgie Blend junkies at?! You can diffuse this for uplifting and comforting feeling. This is also a key ingredient in the legendary Anthro Blend. You can apply it to skin for trouble areas, so yes, this is now in my Glow Serum, too! It’s also a helpful emotional support oil, helping to release emotions of people pleasing and comparison. So this one is a great way to offset the mindless IG and FB scrolling we might do.


Charcoal cleansers are all the rage these days. They are not all created equal though. This deep-cleaning soap helps to wash away any dirt and impurities that build up throughout the day.

With activated charcoal and the fresh, clean scent of Orange Blossom essential oil blend, this soap leaves your skin feeling purified, soft, and hydrated.


Take a trip outdoors with the woodsy scent of Blue Cypress and its fresh-air feel. Use this oil topically or aromatically to create an environment perfect for a quick breather. It’s great for post workout support on sore muscles and respiratory support.

I wasn’t lying, there is so much good stuff here!

Photo: @goldendropsociety

Photo: @goldendropsociety

If cost is holding you back think about what you are spending on products in drug stores, on Amazon and the like, you are already spending that money. You are just spending it elsewhere.

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