Week-End Update

I feel like we need a collective “Amen” that we made it to Friday. This was another busy week hustling at all the jobs. Thankfully I didn’t have any travel this week and was able to check a bunch of items off my to-do list both at home, for work and for Barreista Be Well. So let’s all raise a glass to the weekend!

Early birthday celebration for the hubs last weekend! @bluebatkitchen

Early birthday celebration for the hubs last weekend! @bluebatkitchen


Week-End Update is going to be appearing regularly here on the blog going forward. It’ll be a great way for me to recap the week for you and share anything I might have missed over on Instagram Stories.

Let’s begin, shall we?!

Amazon Favorites

Who else has Amazon Prime? It is awesome and dangerous that I can order something today and it appears the very next day on my front step. Remember when you had to actually go to stores or talk on the phone? Me either!


Who has tried Four Sigmatic? This will be my first time, I’m nervous and excited. If you’ve used this product I would love to hear your review!


Whether you are new to essential oils or have been using them for a while, you should definitely get your self a reference guide. These are amazing to have on hand to help answer questions about how an oil works, what to do with it, etc. Great reference guide! This new version is out now!


If you’ve been following along over on InstaStories this week than you know I’m on the celery juice train. The Medical Medium will share all the wisdom with you on why the juice from celery is so powerful and healing to our bodies. Check it out here.

This week was all about getting back on track. With work, with life, with wellness. Traveling takes a toll on my routine and my body, so I love getting home and dialing it all back in. I made it a point this week to get in some extra yoga and meditation along with an laser focus on my nutrition. When I start to get all those things back in sync I feel much better.

In Case You Missed It

Young Living is having a pretty great promotion right now when you buy a Premium Starter Kit, read more about it here. I also shared my love protein muffin love over on Instagram. If you were wondering, I use this brand of protein for everything and I just ordered the peanut butter flavor to try for the first time, so stay tuned for a recipe coming soon with that.

Today is Eric’s birthday, join me in wishing #BarreistaHubby a very Happy Birthday! Thanks for your support and encouragement!


Also, wishing everyone a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend! Leave a comment here with something you have planned!