Making The Most Of NYC

I go to New York City several times a year for work and I always try to cram as much into 24 hours as possible. This usually includes lots of walking, coffee and client meetings. When I can, I try to do something fun. See the sights, try a new workout and/or get together with a friend.

I have been blessed to connect with another barre babe in NYC and we had our second NYC date this week. This time we took our dance skills to Dancebody in the NoMad area of the city.

Dancebody is a unique workout that includes an hour of heart pumping pre-choreographed dancing. It was slightly embarrassing but mostly really fun.


This is me and Michelle post workout. Sweaty but all smiles! Michelle owns her own Barre Instructor Training business and is a Pilates and Barre instructor herself. We never have any shortage of topics to talk about. In fact after returning home from my trip I’ve thought of at least 5 things we didn’t even have time to talk about. Can’t wait till next time!

This is me on the bottom left, in all black per usual.  I’m basically a dance ninja!

This is me on the bottom left, in all black per usual. I’m basically a dance ninja!


This was my favorite coffee of the trip! Bean&Bean Coffee Roasters was a new one for me and I loved every sip. I stopped in the Chelsea location and wish I had more time to stay and hang. It was a great space with lots of bright light and a variety of seating options. It would make a great spot to read a book or get some work done. I will definitely be back!


One of the ways I stay healthy on the road.


I really love the Vive organic brand and seek it out when I’m traveling to keep my immune system in tip top shape. When you are exposed to all the travel germs you need to take extra care of yourself. I also never leave home without my Thieves Vitality oil and take a drop under my tongue once a day!

Do you travel for work? What is your favorite way to squeeze in a little time for you when you are on the road? I’d love to hear from you!