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Beauty Must Haves

Clean Beauty

I haven’t been shy about how much I love essential oils for everything, but since I started using Young Living products as part of my beauty and skincare routine I haven’t looked back. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorites with you!


Glow Serum is a staple in my routine. I use it morning and night on clean dry skin. A DIY combination of oils including Frankincense and Geranium combined with Jojoba Oil and Witch Hazel make for the perfect toner/moisturizer. My skin glows and feels refreshed. Plus, at almost 40 my skin has never been this clear and bright!

Photo Aug 31, 10 46 42 AM.jpg

I had used charcoal masks before but never a charcoal bar soap and this is a great cleansing soap to really get all the gunk off!

ps. I heard it’s also good for cleaning stained hands!


I haven’t plunged into the world of eye lash extensions or tattooed eyebrows. For now I’m sticking to a more natural approach. Castor Oil combined with Lavender makes the perfect growth serum for both my lashes and brows.

Best of all, these products are clean and non toxic. I love that I always have them on hand thanks to my essential rewards monthly orders.

Have you started to make the switch to clean beauty yet? If you aren’t sure how to get started and want to learn more, click here!