Oil Highlight - Lavender

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Photos: @diamondrisingco

Photos: @diamondrisingco

If you are new to oils, lavender is the perfect place to start. This gentle, soothing oil is so versatile that it is perfect for beginners. Seasoned oil lovers will tell you that this is one they never let themselves run out of.

This oil is good for so many things. It’s claim to fame might be that it’s a wonderful sleep aid, however it’s good for so much more. It’s been added to all kinds of lotions and potions, sprays and duvets to help you sleep at night. This led to many products being filled with synthetics to create lavender.

Alas, Young Living began growing and distilling its own lavender, ensuring that we had the real deal.

I use my Young Living Lavender Oil in many ways. In my lotions, bath products, sleep roll-ons and diffusers. It is a gentle oil with a calming effect on everything from our respiratory systems, to our skin, to our emotions. If you have little ones, this is gentle enough for them as well!

Here are just some of the ways I use lavender:

- Diffuse for calming and sleep
- Apply to palms and inhale deeply when upset or tense
- Add to skincare recipes or directly to soothe skin

My favorite lavender blend for diffusing at night:

3 drops lavender + 3 drops cedarwood

This powerhouse oil is included in the Premium Starter Kit and will definitely be in your Essential Rewards order!