My Tone It Up Journey

I’ve had it on my heart to share my Tone It Up story for a while now. After all it is definitely a major contributing factor to the changes that I’ve made in my life over the last two years. This story is not done though, it’s one that will go on, well, forever since it’s become a way of life. Full of amazing friends, community and dreams realized.

So I’ll tell you where I started and fill you in a little on what has happened along the way.

If you aren’t familiar with the Tone It Up brand or community, it’s an online and social media based nutrition and fitness program. That just doesn’t seem to do it justice though. It is a community that was started by Katrina Scott and Karina Dawn to bring woman together in the spirit of fitness, nutrition and sisterhood.

I had been following the TIU workouts on YouTube for a while and even bought a DVD of one of their workout series at one point. I was somewhat oblivious to any online presence they had and didn’t know much about their nutrition plan. I’d always worked out and in my mind was healthy, so I didn’t think I needed that. In the winter of 2017 I started to see more and more about their spring challenge, the Bikini Series, and I decided what the heck, I was going to do that challenge and join the nutrition plan to shake things up a little. I’d plateaued with workouts and any weight loss goals I had, so what did I have to lose.

It ended up to be more about what I would gain!

Friendships, confidence, a real understanding of nutrition, portion sizes and what I was putting in my body, and so much more.

I’ve met women I never would have crossed paths with through the Tone It Up Instagram community. #TIUTEAM Several have turned into IRL friendships that I feel so blessed to have.

Best 24 hour girl date eva!!! Miss you Terra!

Best 24 hour girl date eva!!! Miss you Terra!

Booty Bunch Brittaney, Same Airport, Same Day, Same Time!

Booty Bunch Brittaney, Same Airport, Same Day, Same Time!


I took my first Barre class after being introduced to some Barre exercises through TIU videos and to say that was life changing would be an understatement. I now teach Barre and have had the opportunity to become a part of an inspiring community of local woman who make me so proud every single day. I’ve traveled to teach fitness classes and have been inspired to start branching out in other areas of health and wellness. A true passion project.

My health has become increasingly more important to me along the way as well. The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan helped teach me about portion sizes, real caloric values and the importance of balance and moderation. I also know that my body feels its best when I feed it healthy foods and keep it moving.

This really just scratches the surface of what joining Tone It Up has meant to me and for me. I’m sure I’ll share more along the way, but for now I just leave you with the idea that sometimes you just have to go for it. Do the thing you are scared of, unsure of. It might just lead you down a path you didn’t know you were meant to be on!

Without a doubt in my mind joining Tone It Up was a catapult for me, letting me see goals, dreams and aspirations I didn’t realize I had or didn’t realize I could have. So thank you Katrina and Karena and the countless #tiubabes that have encouraged me along the way. To my IRL #tiubesties, So. Much. Love!