Oil Highlight - Citrus Fresh

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Citrus Fresh

inspiring & uplifting

Citrus Fresh is one of my favorite oils. Maybe it’s the Florida girl in me, but in general I love all things citrus. This oil takes it to a new level! This blend is made up of six oils: orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin and spearmint. This is one of the most uplifting oils that I have used!

There are so many great ways to use this oil. I love diffusing this in the morning to start my day. I often talk about adding Grapefruit or Lemon to my water and I recently tried Citrus Fresh, holy cow, yes! It tastes great, but also helps support a healthy immune system. Win/Win

You can diffuse this oil to help purify the air and give a clean fresh scent to your home or office. Sometimes I’ll just inhale a deep breathe directly from the bottle to help boost my emotions. It’s also great mixed with peppermint to get my energy going before a workout if I’m feeling sluggish.

A couple of my favorite Citrus Fresh diffuser blends:

Citrus Fresh + Peppermint

Citrus Fresh + Stress Away

Citrus Fresh + Bergamot

The DIY options with this oil are endless. This one comes in the starter kit and it is definitely a favorite in our house.

Photos: @diamondrisingco

Photos: @diamondrisingco