Date Night In La La Land

This week has been a whirlwind. We spent the last 8 days in California and I’ve already jetted off on a work trip less than 24 hours after arriving home.

A bigger recap of our trip is coming but today I’m sharing a major highlight. On Friday afternoon we headed up to L.A. from Newport Beach, where we’d spent the week. We were splitting our last little bit of time in L.A. between something #barreistahubby wanted to do and something I wanted to do. However, it turned out (surprise - surprise) we both had fun doing all the things!


It’s no secret that I love finding healthy eats when I’m traveling away from the land of beer and cheese and we scored big time on this trip. Friday night we were heading to the Los Angeles Dodger game, this was the activity my husband planned. Being the awesome guy that he is and knowing there was no way I’d be interested in eating a Dodger Dog, he found an amazing vegan restaurant for us to go to before the game. The food at Sage was insane, in the best way, and there was a homeless person walking/dancing through the farmers market outside the restaurant flashing everyone, so we really got to take in some local culture.


We shared the Loaded Nachos, which were just that, loaded with veggies and jackfruit serving as the “meat” along with black beans, topped with a cashew “cheese” sauce. I could have just eaten this and been satisfied, but when you are finally at a vegan restaurant you can’t stop there!


For the main course, my husband had the Butternut Squash Ravioli and I had the Miso Rainbow Bowl. I did not taste his, but he said it was fantastic. That might have been because he knew he was having a Dodger Dog later, I don’t know. Mine however, was incredible and I loved every single bite. It had been a long time since I ate something that I savored every single bite of. Sage has a few locations, so if you are in the Los Angeles area I highly recommend checking them out! My husband can attest to the fact that you don’t have to be Vegan to enjoy the food here.



Eric, that’s #barreistahubby in case I haven’t formally introduced him here, loves baseball. He grew up playing the game and it has always been a big part of his life. Although he loves the Milwaukee Brewers, he also really enjoys visiting other Major League Baseball stadiums when we are traveling. Several years ago we went to a Red Sox game in Boston and we lucked out with one of the L.A. teams being in town while we were there. So, off we went to Dodger Stadium! We were able to walk to the stadium from dinner which I loved, plus anytime you can walk in a new city you get to see and explore a little more. I will say, Dodger Stadium is not in the part of the city where the Real Housewives are hanging out.

There is a charm to older stadiums that we don’t have in Milwaukee and even though it’s obviously had some updates, it’s still iconic. I was impressed with the fruit cup and veggie/hummus options at the stadium, I mean it is L.A. after all. I did not partake though since I was still reveling in how good dinner at Sage was. Eric did enjoy the famous Dodger Dog, which is just a really long hot dog. Sorry if I ruined that for anyone.

It was a very fun night and I’m so happy we squeezed this adventure into our itinerary for the week.


What do you like to go in search of when you travel? Certain activities, places, food? Would love for you to share some of your favorites for me and I just might be able to check them out along the way.