My New Favorite Cookie

I can’t keep my new obsession to myself any longer! I have to share with you my recipe for this simple and delicious cookie. Before I do that though, let me just tell you why I love it so much. First of all, it’s only four ingredients, all of which I typically have on hand at all times. Secondly, it’s quick and easy, plus it can be made in small batches. This is perfect if you are someone that has a hard time resisting cookies sitting around. What I love most of all though is that I came up with this recipe on my own.

Before you pat me on the back let me tell you why that means so much to me. I have spent the last few years really investing in my health and wellness, including learning as much as I can about the nutritional component of what I eat, how it affects my body, what fuels me in a good, in a healthy way, etc. Through that knowledge I am able to throw meals and snacks together so much more easily now, ones that are full of nutrients and good for me which leaves me feeling my best. This is a huge part of my passion when I talk about wellness, teaching others, giving them the tool to be successful in being able to make these positive choices as well, while walking along side them in that journey. So rather than pat me on the back for that will you please just share your cookies with me?